Made by a small batch accessories company out of Colorado by a Korean-American creative maker.


In order from far left:


The Lily of the Valley is a lovely and beautifully fragrant flower that represents motherhood, purity, happiness, and luck in love. It's the birth flower of May.


The Rose is a classically beautiful flower that represents love, beauty, devotion, and balance. It is also the birth flower of June. 


The Peony  (temporarily out of stock) is a lush and sweetly fragrant flower that represents honor, prosperity, romance, and compassion.  The best time to give a Peony is when you would like to congratulate someone for their success.


Product Details: 

  • Chain length: 17.5"
  • Hand stamped brass circle pendant: 0.8"
  • 16k gold plated brass dainty chain
  • 16k gold plated brass lobster clasp
  • Original custom flower illustrated by Emma Mannino
  • Includes description card
  • Handmade in Fort Collins, CO 

Botanical Pendant

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