Rose Tinted Bridal Shower

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

This was a mini-stylized bridal shower photoshoot. Originally inspired by the stark white industrial loft space of Maple and Moon Creative in Dover, NH, which is a studio space in an old mill building. It got my mind running to do an almost vintage southwestern inspired bridal shower shoot, but I didn't want to be too literal about it. Also to focus on cake and sweet treats galore!!

The whimsical nature of the shoot was key, while still maintaining an elevated quality to maintain a modern aesthetic. We did this by using a base of earthy colors with an overall pale coral tone and then pops of jewel-toned colors and a hint of gold. The photographer, Erin Girourd Photography, (who is only 18 years old!!) captured a rose- tinted effect through her lens which enhanced the atmosphere.

I designed a renaissance style floral arrangement in a terra cotta pot to compliment the plants and cactuses. We used vintage flatware and a vintage plant stand from Portland Flea For All to showcase the cactus cupcakes, and crafted up a funky cake stand to showcase the gorgeous coral succulent cake. The life-sized balloon garland brought in an air of festivity. We kept it modern by not overly stating the decor and doing artistic stationery.

McKenzie and Claire are two sisters who really embraced the essence of the shoot. The makeup and hair only amplified the whimsical and bohemian nature of the shoot. Along with the earrings that were handmade by a local ceramic artist and the pot by the chair which added to the earthy & funky quality of the shoot. The burnt red Mamacita outfit was styled by a new local clothing line.

So many great details that all came together to create an earthy yet elevated southwestern- influenced rose- tinted bridal shower! That's a lot of adjectives!! I hope you enjoy!

Florals & Event Design: Florals by Fittsy @florals_by_fittsy

Photography: Erin Girourd Photoraphy

Cake & Desserts: Skyes Artisan Bakes @skyesartisanbakes

Stationary: Letter Home Design @letterhomedesign

Hair & Makeup: Erika St. Pierre @hairika_st.pihair

Red Mamacita Set: Port Hill @porthillbrand

Jewelry & Ceramic Pot: AP Curiosities @apcuriosities

Balloon Garland: Florals by Fittsy @floralsbyfittsy

Models: @claire.loeser @mckenzie_loeser

Venue: Maple & Moon Creative @mapleandmooncreative

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