Quintessential barn wedding at King's Hill Inn & Barn

When you think of quintessential Maine a few different versions can cross your mind. Is it a quaint cottage on the ocean? The industrial port of Portland? The rolling fields of a drive farther up north? An old well-maintained victorian with a white picket fence and trimmings made for a cake? OR a picturesque barn sitting neatly in the center of a lush country landscape? Well this wedding was just that with an antique barn built and cared for on a lovely patch of green property with a small chapel, English garden and a woodsy path leading to the beautiful abyss of nowhere.

Andrea & Steven's wedding was garden-inspired with a strong lean on the purple tones of summer. We wanted the wedding florals to be organic and natural feeling with a soft variety of colors and locally sourced.

The romantic feel of this barn wedding is sure to conjure up one's dreamy visions of quintessential Maine.

Jessie Dineen Photography

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